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We at Life Science are excited to once again share in the wonderful spectacle that is Young Living Grand Convention. The 2016 convention will be another wonderful opportunity to be uplifted, educated and energized by industry leading experts in essential oils and filled with the unrivaled insight provided by the Young Living corporate family. Life Science will have three convenient locations at convention this year. One location will be at the Hilton hotel located on West Temple just south east of the Salt Palace Convention Center.  By invitation from Mary Young and the Young Living executive team, Life Science Publishing and Products will be located in the Salt Palace Convention Center itself and at the Young Living Mona Farm to enable you to get authentic, genuine information from the most trusted source on all things Young Living.

Why is Life Science at convention year after year and what does that mean to you?

 If this is your first time at convention or if you are a seasoned convention veteran, you will notice that very few select vendors are invited to Young Living Grand Convention. Year after year, we at Life Science have grown and loved and shared with you in the delightful convention experience.  To us convention is an endearing time when we get to hug old friends and enthusiastically meet new friends who are the future of Young Living. We get to put faces with names of budding leaders who partnered with us when they were just Stars; who we eagerly watched grow in abundance, business, and purpose as we worked together to grow their team by providing essential tools and pure, original essential oil knowledge.   Those Stars are now Golds, Diamonds and Royal Crown Diamonds who we count as dear friends and partners in success. 

Each and every year we are at convention for YOU. Our mission at Life Science is for you and your team to have the best tools and information necessary to grow and use essential oils exactly how the creators of Young Living Essential Oils intend. No other vendor or company has direct access to this accredited information; any other information found on the market is counterfeit or borrowed from the well of information that is Life Science. This information is power in your hands, that when shared correctly and confidently can lead to a life of abundance in health and prosperity.  Recently, compliance issues have led many to fear and wonder what they can and cannot share. Young Living compliance has stated that you need to keep your education separate from your oil business.  That means you can get the best, most credible research on essential oils for yourself and you still can share that with others as long as you do it separately.  We have made education and sharing easy through our Sharing Essentials platform.  If you have not heard about this easy way to share, call in to find out how it works.  For over 20 years, Life Science has provided the original and indispensable research of education on essential oils through our reference guides.  That legacy will continue in the future for the purpose of blessing the lives of others with wellness through essential oils.  To quote Mary Young:

“Life Science Publishing, for example, carries all different kinds of educational materials relating to beauty, fitness, emotions, nutrition, etc., that are very useful and easy to understand. If you are going to use essential oils, you need to study and learn how to best use them. Having good, educational information is very critical to having a positive experience…”

We are at convention for YOU. Year after year we are among a select few invited to attend because the absolute necessity it is to have original, un-adulterated, authentic information.

We know Young Living Grand Convention 2016 will be the best one yet! We look forward to seeing you all there and are grateful as always to share this memorable time with you. See you there!


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