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Goldenrod essential oil, easily identified by its light and flowery scent, offers a number of powerful health and beauty benefits. In fact, it was often added to tea made early colonists to help maintain their good health and is currently one of the top. Comprised of multiple constituents, goldenrod oil is well known for its diuretic effects, which is primarily related to two of its main ingredients, leiocarposide and rutin. The following looks at the top health benefits associated with these two constituents.



Goldenrod has long been used to treat bladder and urinary tract infections. Not only does leiocarposide, along with various other constituents, give goldenrod oil strong antibacterial properties, but it also stimulates the production to urine, which flushes bacteria out of the urinary tract [1]. (In Germany the use of goldenrod has been approved for the treatment of urinary tract infections.)

Also due to its mild diuretic properties, goldenrod oil can help open up your pores and release heat from the skin, meaning it has the potential to help reduce temperature and get rid of fever in anyone who is sick.



Rutin is well known for its numerous antioxidant benefits and is particularly beneficial for the cardiovascular system. This is because rutin supports healthy circulation throughout the system and enhances capillary strength, both of which play a key role in the prevention of heart disease [2].

Additionally, as an antioxidant, rutin helps eliminate free radicals in the body, while also reducing cell oxidation that is frequently blamed for signs of aging [3]. As a result, it is not unusual to see goldenrod oil be applied directly to the skin in order to protect the skin cells from damage.


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