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Known for its fresh lemony, yet spicy scent, elemi essential oil also offers users a number of health and beauty benefits. Although elemi oil is composed of a variety of constituents, two of its most active ingredients, dipentene and elemicine, are largely responsible for these benefits. Here’s a quick look at a few of the top benefits associated with these two constituents.



The combination of dipentene and other constituents makes elemi essential oil a strong antiseptic that has been used since ancient times to fight off various microbes, fungi, bacteria, and viruses, while also offering protection against tetanus and septicemia (blood poisoning) [1]. Additionally, it has been show to protect wounds against invading organisms and stop infections from forming in the bladder, urethra, colon, kidneys, and stomach. This ability to fight off a tremendous number of potential infections also makes elemi oil a powerful immune booster [2].



Elemicine gives elemi oil its strong expectorant properties, which helps relieve congestion in the lungs, nasal tract, and wind pipe [3]. It does this by working to loosen phlegm that has collected in the respiratory tract and helping it be expelled from the body by coughing. This makes it easier for people to breath, whether they are struggling with the common cold or sinusitis.




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