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Acne Mask

For times when you’re seriously suffering from annoying breakouts, mix equal portions of grape seed and jojoba oils — both are similar to the oil your skin naturally produces — then add a few drops of tea tree oil in a small bowl. Spread the oil mask all over your face, then rinse off after about 15 minutes.

Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are as evil as they are painful. I’ve found over-the-counter products for razor burn and ingrown hairs pricey and rarely effective, so I use this little trick instead. Use a washcloth soaked with hot water and tea tree oil and pat down on the ingrown hairs. Press pretty hard and leave on for 10-15 minutes. You’ll start to notice the swelling and redness disappear almost immediately. Plus, you can dilute the oil in water and use it as an aftershave to prevent ingrowns from ever forming.

Blemish Spot Treatment

This treatment is especially great for reoccurring pimples that stubbornly come back in the same place every few months. Zap it once and for all by using equal portions of tea tree oil and either aloe vera or vitamin E. The aloe vera and vitamin E will treat scarring inevitably left behind by the pimple while the tea tree oil fights bacteria and redness. If you’re diligent enough about your blemish treatment, that pimple wont dare show it’s face in that spot again!


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