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Money Actually Does Grow On Trees…Ancient Oils Used To Attract Prosperity

by Stacey Hall, LSH, CNTC, CRTS, CAC

Frankincense ImageThere is a very specific reason why the 3 Wise Men brought Frankincense and Myrrh as gifts to the Christ child.  It is because these oils were greatly prized and valued for their ability to increase financial and spiritual prosperity.  They were gifts given to kings and rulers and a gift of these oils was a symbol of recognizing the greatness of Jesus.

For centuries before the birth of Christ, the resin and oils from Frankincense and Myrrh trees…as well as the essential oils from the trunks, leaves, branches, fruit and flowers of other trees and plants…were prized for their perceived abilities to enhance one’s ability to attract and expand one’s wealth.

And, while when I first started to do my research on this topic it seemed like the stuff of fairy tales, the natural chemical properties of these plant oils have been researched and proven to support our physical body, our emotional body, our mental body and our connection to God.

It is this support for all 4 of our bodies that makes it possible for us to be more productive, more efficient, more focused, more consistent, and more dedicated to achieving our goals. I know that when I am feeling energized, I am much more passionately enthusiastic about my goals.  I am much more able to move forward through challenges and adversities. I become unstoppable in fulfilling my God-given Purpose.

Every day, I am asked how I get so much accomplished and still have so much energy.  I answer that is the strength of the oils which makes it possible for me to be both financially prosperous and able to stay committed to fulfilling my Spiritual Purpose here on earth.

For example, Frankincense has been esteemed through the Ages for:

  • Promoting tranquil concentration
  • Easing thoughts of regret and overwhelm
  • Expanding awareness
  • Aligning all 4 bodies for greater productivity

While Myrrh has been treasured for:

  • Easing the mind from thoughts of regret
  • Uniting the spiritual with the physical
  • Making it easier to manifest dreams and visions into reality

Whenever I feel like I am dwelling too long on my regrets over a past situation — or my thoughts seem to be scattered and unfocused preventing me from completing an activity that will move me closer to achieving my goals —  I will anoint myself with a few drops of Frankincense and Myrrh oils.  I will place the drops in my left palm, taking a moment to give conscious gratitude to God for providing the trees from which these oils came (and to Young Living Essential Oils for ensuring the purest quality of these oils), and then I will use my right hand to apply the drops to the top of my head, behind my ears, on my wrists and also on the soles of my feet.  As I anoint myself, I envision myself accomplishing what I intend to achieve.  And, then I wait for a minute simply inhaling the uplifting aromas of the oils.  Then, I take action to complete the activity that I envisioned.  I am always so much more productive as a result.

For me, this is the true ‘secret’ as to how to tap into the power of the Law of Attraction!!

attracting phraseBecause God’s love is abundant, we have been given a vast variety of other plant oils which also have prosperity-boosting qualities.  I enjoy anointing myself with each of these – either individually or creating my own blend of a few of these – adding them to my diffuser, adding them to bath salts, or applying them to a small block of Cedarwood to carry around in my wallet. Every time I open my wallet, the luxurious aroma of the oils greets me and reminds me that while I may be spending money at the moment, I will soon be receiving more money to replace it so that I can do and contribute more good in the world.
By the way, the Cedarwood blocks can be found in the housewares section of many hardware and discount department stores.

Here are three of my favorite ‘Prosperity Oils’ …

Geranium – The use of various geranium oils dates back to early Egypt.  It was in the 17th century that is was brought to Europe.

  • Provides balance to ‘over-achievers’
  • Increases feelings of security and receptivity
  • Restores feelings of pleasure and enjoyment
  • Increases capacity for authentic communications with others

I have a tendency to ‘beat the clock’ in attempting to accomplish as much as I can each day.  However, I do know that it is important to take time in between activities to breathe and nourish myself physically and spiritually.  Slowing down makes it possible for me to also give quality time and attention to others, which makes it more enjoyable for them to be with me. Since using the power of Geranium oil to slow down, I have attracted more prosperity into my life through a strengthened relationship with my husband, new and expanding friendships, as well an increased cash flow into my savings.


Fennel — Fennel is a versatile and nourishing vegetable that plays an important role in recipes of many European nations, especially in France and Italy.  Ancient Greeks believed that fennel was associated with Dionysus, the Greek god of food and wine, and that a fennel stalk carried the coal that passed down knowledge from the gods to men.  So, its essential oil is considered to be supportive to both the body and the mind.

  • Encourages self-expression and self-assurance
  • Increases productivity
  • Enhances confidence
  • Allows creativity to flow

Eucalyptus – There are more than 700 different species of Eucalyptus.  The species that has received the most attention from botanists and chemists is Eucalyptus globulus. Whenever I think of Eucalyptus, I think of the affirmation “Breathe easy” and it immediately brings a sense of calm to my entire body.

It is commonly known to support mental activity by increasing blood flow to the brain.  In addition, Eucalyptus is prized for…

  • Bolstering will power
  • Fortifying endurance
  • Uplifting the Spirit
  • Expanding the urge for a more expansive life

It is that “urge for a more expansive life” that increase my optimism to keep going towards my goals.  Each step accomplished along the way increases my sense of worthiness to be successful.  That sense of worthiness fortifies me further along the path to my ultimate destination…increased spiritual prosperity coupled with increased financial prosperity to contribute in tangible and intangible ways which lift of the hearts of those I encounter on my path.

I invite you to watch the ‘Money Grows On Trees’ video series on the Chi-To-Be! video channel at where I share about a variety of other essential oils which helps us to attract more joy and prosperity into our lives.

And, I offer this blessing to say as you anoint yourself with any of these oils or one that you prefer… “God is bringing an abundance of miracles to me and restoring my finances. I am blessed.”  Repeat 3x and envision your prosperity coming straight to you.


Stacey Hall, is the co-Creator of the Attraction Oil Anointing Technique, demonstrated at the 2012, 2013, ad 2014 Young Living Conventions, and which combines the prosperity-attracting power of Young Living oils along with the success-boosting tips in her #1 best-selling book, ‘Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All’ published by Life Science Publishers.  Receive FREE success-boosting tips from Stacey at

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    This is a great article. I love how Stacey brought all of this information together in one place. I will be using Geranium to support myself in slowing down. I am sharing this my family and friends!

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