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Daily Life Science and Life Science Publishers are excited to announce the next generation of essential oil reference guides: the

7th Edition

Essential Oils Desk, Pocket, and Quick Reference Guides.


For over 20 years the Essential Oils Pocket and Desk References’ have been the backbone of Life Science Publishers, providing essential oil users with critical, in-depth, and unrivaled information on all things essential oils.  To continue this tradition of excellence, Life Science Publishers is proud and excited to bring you the newest member of the Life Science reference library, the 7th Edition.

What’s new:

  • All new Young Living products since 2014.  This includes information on new blends like Live Your Passion and Light The Fire, new supplements like NingXia Zyng, and of course, the full Vitality line.
  • Updated usage guide sections, including how to use new health, supplement, and hygiene products from Young Living.
  • Additional information from new research that has been conducted over the past 2 years on essential oils.

As always, the 7th Edition will be available in full color and content Desk Reference size, as well as the best selling, shareable Pocket Reference size.



The past few Pocket and Desk Reference Editions have been accompanied by the smaller share booklet Quick Reference Guide.  For the 7th Edition Quick Reference Guide we decided to do a major overhaul and bring the quick reference up to the exceptional standards expected by all essential oil users. Now in full, vibrant color this booklet has information on well over 100 Young Living Essential Oil singles and blends, over 40 common ailments, and the brand new Vitality line.  All wrapped in and packed in a beautiful new and improved cover and binding style.

These new reference guides are a must-have for anyone and everyone using essential oils.  Look for these exclusive new books to be available November 28th ONLY at:

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