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Easy Ways to Naturally Manage Stress

Stress can be a normal part of life, but making a plan of attack may help with stress and the anxiety around it before it happens. With the summer right upon us the corner stress could very well happen. Stress may cause one to over eat, over worry, or just stress out. Stress can have negative consequences when not handled properly. So, why not plan ahead to overcome stress? There are easy and natural ways to overcome stress effectively with a few easy steps.

  1. Peace and Calming rubbed on the feet may relieve any stress and tension in the feet and allow the body to relax.
  2. Stress Away Roll-on rolled over the shoulders helps one feel the tension and the shoulders start to relax and allows joy to enter in.
  3. Ruta VaLa taken at night helps one have a more peaceful night sleep. This supports relaxation and natural regeneration during sleep and supporting yourself in creating and maintaining a less-stress life.



Peace be with you,

Kaye Lynne Murphy, LMT (UT)

Kaye Lynne Murphy, LMT (UT), is a licensed massage therapist specializing in Raindrop Therapy and emotional release on people of all ages. She is the author of “The 15‑minute Feelings Release” CD, a self‑help emotional release program following Young Living’s Feelings Kit, and a 30‑min. Raindrop Therapy DVD. Her practice includes helping adults and children better themselves by using Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ essential oils. She uses only Young Living products in her practice.

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