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A recent article by popular natural health proponent, Dr. David Mercola, highlighted the prospect of supplements helping and possibly replacing traditional anti-depressant medication.

Omega3Important supplements discussed in the article include fish oil, vitamin D, methylfolate, and S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe). Studies have found that combining one or all of these supplements with traditional anti-depressants help to improve effectiveness of the anti-depressants. Fish oil in particular was found to produce the most effective results when combining supplements with anti-depressants.  Other important supplements that have been found to decrease depression especially when combined with traditional anti-depressants include Vitamin D and Omega-3 supplements.  Low amounts of Vitamin D has repeatedly been found to be linked with depression. In studies, subjects with low Vitamin D were found to be many times more likely to have depression than those subjects with normal or high Vitamin D levels. By supplementing Vitamin D, many subjects reported lower levels of depression as well.

Other recommendations from Dr. Mercola to help combat depression include:

  • Reducing processed foods including sugar
  • Get adequate vitamin B12
  • Get plenty of high-quality animal-based omega-3 fats
  • Evaluate your salt intake
  • Get adequate daily exercise

For the full article and a complete list of recommendations from Dr. Mercola on depression, visit:

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