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Multi-level marketing presents great opportunities to establish a successful home based business, and one of the keys to thriving in the industry is knowing how to network. Business networking in the multi-level marketing world differs slightly from networking in traditional business, but once you get it down you’ll notice immediate positive effects on your venture. Here are some best practices for business networking as a multi-level marketing professional.

  1. Make yourself visible and engage people in conversation. A meeting or event will do your business no good if you choose to hang off to the side of the room. Instead, gravitate towards areas where most of the event’s attendees are congregated and warmly introduce yourself. They’ll be more willing to open up to you and what you and your products have to offer.


  1. Remember that others’ success can be your success. In traditional business, entrepreneurs in the same industry see themselves as competitors. In multi-level marketing, your colleagues can help you become successful with your own home based business, especially if they’re people that you’ve recruited into MLM. Don’t sign them up and leave them hanging. Instead serve them as a leader whenever possible, and you’ll benefit from their eventual sales.


  1. Listen carefully, especially to upline leaders, at networking events. The beauty of MLM is that it’s all about duplication — if those who have already achieved success share their insider secrets with you, pay close attention. Be open to receiving their advice, remain coachable, and apply what they’ve done to achieve your own success. If you have to take notes to remember what they’ve said, don’t be afraid to do so.


  1. Have business cards, and make sure you can easily access it. A supply of attractive, clean business cards is an excellent thing to have at business networking events, but be mindful of how you present your cards. Fumbling around in your purse to find one doesn’t make a great impression. Instead put them in your jacket pocket or the outside pocket of your handbag.


  1. Show genuine interest in other people’s lives. It can be easy to make every interaction all about your business, especially when you don’t know someone well. But try to actively listen and encourage others to talk about what they have going on in their lives. This will help you find opportunities to share how your oil business has enriched your life and how it can enrich theirs.


  1. Actually follow up. You’ll receive plenty of contact information from many people, but what’s the point if you never use it? Keep in touch with your colleagues and start the process of building lasting industry connections by sending a short email or note after meeting someone. The following is an example of an appropriate message: “It was a pleasure meeting you at the (blank). I’ll call you in the next week to give you more information about the products that I mentioned during our conversation”.

By taking these six networking tips and the knowledge that you’ll gain from your up-line leaders and sponsor, you can take your multi-level marketing business to exciting new heights!

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