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Juniper essential oil has a long history of being used to help prevent short and long term illnesses, particularly those affecting the digestive and respiratory system. This ability, along with the numerous other health benefits it provides, are the result of the more than 87 different constituents it contains [1]. Two of juniper essential oil’s main ingredients, a-pinene and sabinene, and the benefits they provide are discussed below.


Various studies have revealed the protective effects of a-pinene on the digestive and gastric systems. A recent study found that a-pinene has the ability to neutralize acidity in the stomach by ensuring gastric juices, acids, and bile flow properly for digestion [2]. This helps reduce the formation of painful stomach ulcers, particularly when they are caused by alcohol abuse or the frequent use of Indomethacin to help relieve inflammation, fever, and pain.

Additionally, a-pinene has been shown to remove gas trapped in the intestines, thanks to its carminative properties and ability to filter and direct the downward passage of gases [3]. This is ideal for anyone who struggles with chronic gas, bloating, and/ or indigestion.


The unique combination of constituents, including sabinene and a-pinene, in juniper essential oil, makes it one of the world’s spices or herbs highest in antioxidants, which fight free radical damage [4]. Countless studies have confirmed antioxidant’s numerous health benefits, including their ability to prevent disease and damage to the body by identifying harmful free radicals in the body and eradicating them before they are able to damage healthy body cells. This helps do everything from reduce a person’s chances of developing cancer and heart disease to eliminating signs of aging. At this time, researchers are still uncertain how antioxidants are able to do this.

It is important to know that although juniper essential oil is believed to be non-toxic, it can stimulate muscles in the uterus. As a result, pregnant women should not use it without discussing their condition with a licensed medical professional first.

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