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Easily identified by its long-lasting, woodsy scent, hong kuai essential oil comes from a treasured tree that lives atop Taiwan’s mountain rainforests. For centuries, the Taiwanese have turned to the oil to improve their emotional outlook and support an increase in their spiritual awareness.

Today, hong kuai offers a variety of health benefits, largely attributed to its many constituents. Hong kuai contains the highest sesquiterpene count of any essential oil. Sesquiterpenes are compounds believed to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, thus introducing more oxygen molecules to the cells of the body. One of its main ingredients, eucalyptol, is discussed below.



The combination of eucalyptol and other constituents in hong kuai essential oil gives it powerful properties that have shown to relieve fear, anxiety, and stress, while also helping empower users and nurture perseverance. For centuries, it has also been used to improve clarity, build confidence, and inspire spiritual awareness. According to ancient beliefs, it opens the third eye, opening up intuition, possibility, and awareness [2].

 It is also frequently used to increase feelings of romance. Due to its high sesquesterpene content, it has been said if to give men “a liquid boost of confidence” in the bedroom [3].

Studies also show that hong kuai essential oil may have anti-fungal properties and could potentially serve as a cancer chemo preventive, though more research is needed before this can be definitively decided [4].


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