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Hinoki essential oil, best known for its uplifting and energizing scent, originated in Japan, though its numerous health and beauty benefits have made it increasingly popular all over the world. The oil, which is extracted from a Japanese coniferous tree, is composed of multiple constituents with delta-cadinene and alpha-muurolene being two of its most active ingredients. Here’s a quick look at just a few of the top benefits hinoki oil offers users.



 Research has proven that hinoki essential oil can help improve cardiovascular health, largely due to the delta-cadinene it contains [1]. When the oil is inhaled, blood pressure, heart rate, and activity within the parasympathetic nervous system decrease.


Additionally, hinoki essential oil has been shown to stimulate a pleasant mood, while also acting as a calming or soothing agent [2]. As a result, it can effectively reduce overwhelming tension and anxiety, while simultaneously uplifting your mood.



 The combination of alpha-muurolene and other constituents found in hinoki oil has proven to be particularly beneficial for anyone struggling with hair loss [3]. In fact, a single drop on a bald spot promotes rapid new hair growth, while massaging a few drops into your scalp can help your hair grow faster, stronger, and healthier [3]. It does this by promoting the division and proliferation of hair follicle cells by inducing vascular endothelial growth factor in the body.

Finally, hinoki oil works to strengthen the immune system by enhancing the production of natural killer cells in the body, as well as boosting the activity level of the cells that fight off potential invaders [4].


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