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Cardamom essential oil, considered the “Queen of spices,” is a favorite of aromatherapy practitioners and health care professionals throughout the world. It’s unique blend of constituents are not only known for its sweet, yet spicy, but also for the numerous health and beauty benefits it provides. A-terpineol and myrcene, two of its prevalent active ingredients, as well as just a few of their health benefits are discussed below.


Cardamom oil has been used for centuries to help prevent gum and tooth disease and decay, as well as relieve halitosis (bad breath). These benefits are linked to its strong antimicrobial activity that has been shown to fight periodontopathic and carcinogenic (cancer-causing) bacteria [1]. On a side note, cardamom tends to effectively relieve pain caused by toothaches.

Researchers have also found that a-terpineol shows strong promise in regards to helping prevent various types of cancer, such as ovarian, prostate, lung, and breast by suppressing the signaling of NF-kB tumor causing cells [2].


Myrcene, along with the abundance of other antioxidants contained in cardamom essential oil, works to fight the visible signs of aging by acting as a natural cleanser to disinfect the skin and give it a natural radiance [3]. In addition, the myrcene is cardamom oil gives it antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that make it effective at combating dandruff and scalp infections. These properties are what makes cardamom a powerful eliminator of bad breath.




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