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10 Tiny Transformations
That Create An Abundantly Prosperous Life

by Stacey Hall, L.S.H., C.N.T.C., C.A.C., C.R.T.S.

During my early adulthood, I was often a negative person having grown up in a household that focused on what was wrong…instead of what was good in our lives.  

I was eventually introduced to the concept that we manifest what we focus on and I realized that I could change my outlook through focused effort and attention. I made a pact with myself to create a set of tools and resources – tiny transformations — that I would use every day to keep my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy as abundantly high as possible.  I call these tools and resources my ‘Energy Surges’ because they boost my attitude up to the highest heights of positvity and prosperity.

I have taught these simple practices to thousands of people through my ‘Chi-To-Be!’ books, audios, workshops, coaching programs, and coach-training certification courses.  

It is my joy to share a few highlights from these resources with you here:

Energy Surge #1:  Scheduling For Success

The extent to which a goal can be fulfilled is dependent upon the amount of intention that is committed towards the achievement of that goal.  An “intention” is the commitment to achieve the goal.  All the planned conversations, activities, meetings and projects we schedule are intentional activities. Each one will have a ‘by when’ date attached to it so that the goal can be achieved as quickly as possible.  
It is much easier to have a positive and prosperous outlook when we move forward towards the achievement of our goals.

Energy Surge #2:  Do It Your Way Any Way You Can

I heard master motivator Zig Ziglar state this truth in the 1990’s at an empowerment seminar and it changed my life in that moment.  Up to that point, I was a perfectionist.  If I could not do something right the first time…I simply would not even attempt it. Yet, upon hearing Zig’s amazing, transformative statement:  “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly…the first time”, I began experimenting, playing, researching, or asking for help…anything that would help me to take the first step poorly on my way to discovering how to do it perfectly.  

I gave a TEDx presentation on how to do it ‘your way’.  I invite you to watch on youtube at  

It is much easier to have a positive and prosperous outlook when we feel free to experiment and make mistakes as we learn.

Energy Surge #3:  Tending To Your Goals Garden

I love the concept of achieving goals in the same way that we grow a garden. The cycle is Seeding, Sprouting, Blooming and Resting. This is a consistent Energy Surge – a reminder that while I focus on achieving a goal – such as becoming a positive person — I am going to move through a cycle of discovery and growth.

It is much easier to have a positive and prosperous outlook when we are not pushing the goal to bloom before its time!

Energy Surge #4:  Surround Your Self with Positive People

If we are truly committed to being a positive person, then it is up to us to seek out and spend as much time as possible with positive people so that our outlook becomes more positive.  At one time, I had very few friends that I considered to be positive people. I chose to change my situation.  I am fortunate that my husband always has a positive view of the world or can find humor in any situation.  I chose to spend as much time as possible with him.  I chose to watch ‘The Ellen Show’ every day at 3:00 p.m. because I knew her positive humor would make me laugh.  I found a positive-thinking hair stylist, nail technician, massage therapist, doctor, etc.  And I also started hanging out in positive-focused groups on Facebook, Meetup, and Google.  I now have a wide circle of positive-thinking friends with whom I have mutually-beneficial and supportive relationships.

I recorded a free video coaching session for you on how to be immune to the opinions and actions of others.  It’s on youtube at

It is much easier to be a positive person who attracts greater prosperity when there is no room for negative people in our life.

Energy Surge #5:  Read and Practice ‘The 4 Agreements’ by don Miguel Ruiz

I was so empowered by reading The Four Agreements® by don Miguel Ruiz, I chose to consciously practice each of the Agreements in every conversation – written and/or verbal — I have with others in order to create more harmonious relationships.  In doing so, I have a stronger and more loving relationship with myself, which creates a positive outlook on my life.

It is much easier to be a positive and prosperity-minded person when we are “impeccable with our word” (Agreement #1), we don’t make assumptions (Agreement #2), we don’t take things personally (Agreement #3), and we do our best in each moment (Agreement #4).

Energy Surge #6:  Show Love and Appreciation to Others and to Our Self

All too often, when we focus our attention on what others ‘have’ and we do not, we fall into a state of negative thinking.  Comparison and desire can lead to frustration and envy. I now only focus on my ‘haves’! The practice of acknowledging and appreciating what I already have brings me more of what I desire simply, easily and with velocity. And, this includes showing appreciation to the people in my life who engage in positive conversations with me, who contribute to my well-being and my prosperity. And, the more I express appreciation to the people in my life, the happier I am and I can see a direct correlation to an increase in appreciation I receive in return.

I recorded a free video coaching session for you on how to attract more appreciation.  Watch it at

It is much easier to be a positive and prosperous-minded person when we are feeling appreciated.

Energy Surge #7: Release all ‘Shoulds’ and Obligations

Whenever I share this Energy Surge with others, they usually say, “Easier said than done.”  And, I agree.  Yet, the more I stop ‘shoulding’ on myself, the happier and more productive I become. I’ve chosen to accept that just because someone asks me to do something, does not mean I must say ‘yes.’
If I truly choose to accept someone’s request because it will make me happy if I do, then I will do it. Otherwise, I choose not to do it. To ensure I don’t feel guilty about my decision, I have created this personal affirmation:
  “My body is a temple. I clear and clean my body, heart, and soul. I loving and willingly release all that no longer serves me in a positive and progressive way. I now attract inspiring, enjoyable people, places, and events into my life! I trust that all of my needs are met as they arise all the time.

I recorded a free video coaching session about how to say ‘No’ without feeling guilty.  Watch at

It is much easier to be a positive person when I keep my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ‘space’ clear and free of ‘shoulds.’

Energy Surge #8:  Take Regular Rest Stops

Taking regular daily rest stops – as little as even a minute – to catch my breath, eat something nourishing, chat with a friend, take a nap, play with my dogs – in between my work-related activities is what helps me to continue to stay physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually well.
It is much easier to be a positive and prosperity-minded person when all 4 of our bodies feel rested.

I recorded a free video coaching session to support you in keeping calm while starting something new.  Watch it at

Energy Surge #9:  Make the ‘Best Feeling’ Choices

Most people become confused as soon as a decision or a choice arises they must make.  They stop to reflect on possible outcomes, yet the longer they dwell on their choices, the more confused they become.   In an attempt to release their selves from their confusion, they start asking other people these 4 dis-empowering words:  “What Should I Do?  

When we ask someone else to tell us what to do, we have abdicated our own power. That is what I did all the time until the day I remembered most — if not all — spiritual belief systems are based on the concept that the two most powerful energies are ‘love’ and ‘fear.’  Love is the harmonizing empowering force of nature while Fear is the exact opposite.  Therefore, decisions made from Love will be quite different than those based on Fear.  You may wish to take a moment now to consider a decision you made recently.  Did you base your decision on the principle of Love or was your decision generated from Fear?

It is much easier to be a positive and prosperity-minded person when we feel our decisions are energizing and empowering and support us to take an action from a sense of desire, passion, commitment, and/or intention.

Energy Surge #10:  Be Accountable to Be a Positive and Prosperity-Minded Person

The day I chose to ‘count on’ myself to be a positive person with a prosperity outlook was the day I started to become that person.  I gave up ‘wishing’ and ‘hoping’ by choosing to be ‘Personally Accountable’ to myself. I chose to commit to specific behaviors, actions and thoughts – these same 10 tiny transformations – I have become a person with a positive and prosperous outlook on life.

It is much easier to be a positive and prosperity-minded person when we practice these 10 Energy Surges!

Stacey Hall is a Licensed Spiritual Healing Coach, Team Attraction and Retention Success Coach, TEDx Speaker, and Author of the #1 best-selling book, ‘Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All’.

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