The Cleaning Product Right to Know Act: Finding Out What’s In Your Cleaning Products Might Get A Whole Lot Easier

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Do you ever wonder what’s in your common household cleaners? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. The Environmental Watch Group, or EWG, recently discussed the introduction of The Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2016 and it’s potential impacts. This legislation presented by Rep. Steve Israel, D-NY, would make it mandatory for cleaning manufacturers to include detailed lists of all ingredients found in their cleaning products. Currently, companies are not required to list all ingredients, only active ingredients. And ingredient lists do not need to list specific chemicals, only chemical functions, like “preservative” or “fragrance”.

According to EWG,

“A new EWG analysis of more than 400 cleaning products released last month showed only  about a quarter of them adequately disclose their ingredients. Many companies use vague terms, such as ‘preservative’ or ‘colorant,’ instead of listing specific chemicals they use. More than two-thirds of products list only “perfume” or “fragrance,” terms that can mask potentially harmful, persistent chemicals such as glaxolide, a skin irritant and possible hormone disruptor that’s highly toxic to aquatic life.”

This approach greatly differs to how essential oils are generally labeled and processed. Being derived from all natural plant extract, essential oils do not contain the harmful chemicals that often accompany tradition household products.

For the full article including more information on The Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2016, follow the link below to The Environmental Watch Group:

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