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Essential oil users come from all walks of life, and use essential oils for as many different reasons.  Shouldn’t your reference books be as unique as you are? Not everyone can wrap their mind around a textbook approach to using essential oils.  Oil + Glass is the full color, visually stunning alternative to traditional usage guides for essential oils. Classy and colorful, this book isn’t just another coffee table conversation piece, it is packed full of original recipes, safety tips, step-by-step directions, and so much more. The book brings it all together in an elegant display of premium materials, with a modern and chic feel that will catch everyone’s eye.

What do you get in this perfect-to-share package? 164 pages of unique recipes, blends, and pictures expanding your vision of essential oils. Topics include Health & Wellness, Body Woes, Beauty & Skincare, Babies & Children, Home & Garden, and Pregnancy & Birth just to name a few. See what you’ve been missing in your oil life (and oil business!) and get your copy of Oil + Glass at


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