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Many people wonder were to start when it comes to building their essential oils business. It can feel overwhelming when trying to get your “pitch” right, explaining things like PV or autoships to someone who just wants to know about essential oils can detract from the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy.  The biggest roadblock that many new, excited business builders face is direction, or a proven road map that gives step by step guidance to building a success business.

Enter Essential SharingEssential Sharing is authored by Chris and Vicki Opfer, Royal Crown Diamonds in the Young Living organization. Vicki is a pioneer in aromatherapy, first becoming involved with essential oils in 1994. Her son, Chris, followed in his mothers footsteps and became a member of Young Living in 2002. From their humble beginnings they have built one of the largest organizations of essential oil users in Young Living.

Since the beginning, the Opfer’s hallmark approach to building their team has been by sharing, without hype or pressure. They created Essential Sharing to help all those people who struggle with the salesmanship or  stress of trying to grow their essential oils business.  There are hundreds of success stories in direct sales businesses, and many people have their own secret “recipe” for success. The truth is though, not everyone is the same, and one recipe may not fit everyone’s style of sales. Essential Sharing helps provide the framework to have natural, heart centered conversations with everyone about essential oils, with no secret “recipe” sales pitch. This book is for all of those people who don’t want to “sell” anything to anyone, but still want guidance on how to grow their business with honesty and integrity.

Here are a few topics you’ll find in Essential Sharing:

  • Selling vs. Sharing
  • FAQs: Simple Questions Answered with Integrity
  • Overcoming Challenges in Sharing Young Living
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Sharing
  • Small Home Gatherings and One-On-Ones
  • Enrolling at events.

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