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Positive Emotional Energy and Essential Oils for Everyone

By Kaye Lynne Murphy

Many go through life weighed down with emotional baggage. When one goes through a traumatic experience they tend to store it somewhere in the body and carry its detrimental effects for years to come. These negative feelings remain locked in the body and before long the body and mind become bogged down. The more one gets caught up in a busy life the more one begins to push emotions deeper down in the body. One may not want to look at their past experiences to work through them and consequently may neglect an important part of overall health and well-being. Also one may not know how to effectively process emotions.

There are simple solutions. One can combat the negative effects by effectively releasing unwanted emotions. When one allows oneself to process these emotions one is taking an important step toward increased emotional health. There are natural ways to let go of negative emotions once and for all and replace that space with positive light and energy.  A very effective way to release negative emotions is with Young Living Essential oils which can support emotional well-being. Here are a few of those oils and ways for beginners and everyone to easily work these oils into a daily routine. It’s surprisingly easy and a lot of fun!

Valor II®

Start with Valor II and apply it to the shoulders to relax the body, find courage, and discover your inner strength. It’s an empowering blend that supports the feeling of strength and self-esteem to create an energy of courage to process the past.


Put Release over the liver then focus on letting go of any negative stress, tragedy, or bad memories. Bring your awareness to the liver area, connect with your inner self, and let go of the emotions. Release applied to the liver supports a sense of peace and uplifting to the body, which in turn allows one to easily release hurtful memories of the past. Feel how free it is to let go of unwanted emotions!

Inner Child™

Place Inner Child over the navel to help connect with your inner power and open up a pathway to your inner child allowing you to connect with your core self. Give yourself time, open your awareness, and allow yourself to let go. Once you connect with the inner child you have completed one of the most important steps to finding balance.


Put Harmony on the side of the body and concentrate on the present moment. It gives the body immediate support when dealing with emotional distress. Simply focus on how it feels to let go of the negative and become one with yourself.


Use Forgiveness over the heart. Feel the powerful effects as it breaks down strong emotional layers. Forgiveness is used to support the body and mind to release hurtful memories and move beyond blocked emotional barriers.

Present Time™

Rub a few drops of Present Time over the back of the neck and throat to support the mind and body and help to strengthen and stabilize the emotions. Leave the past and come into the present moment. Feel the power you have. Focus on the here and now; enjoy the new you.

You’ve been carrying dead weight long enough — it’s time to let go of the emotional baggage. By taking advantage of the natural effects of therapeutic grade essential oils you will begin to peel back the layers of unwanted emotions. Express gratitude to yourself for releasing and letting go. Experience how good it feels to be free of negative emotions that you may have carried for years. Let yourself feel joy, the wonderful space you have created and the new power within! Focus on the new inner power!


Peace be with you,

Kaye Lynne Murphy, LMT (UT)

Kaye Lynne Murphy, LMT (UT), is a licensed massage therapist specializing in Raindrop Therapy and emotional release on people of all ages. She is the author of “The 15‑minute Feelings Release” CD, a self‑help emotional release program following Young Living’s Feelings Kit, and a 30‑min. Raindrop Therapy DVD. Her practice includes helping adults and children better themselves by using Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ essential oils. She uses only Young Living products in her practice.

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