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Movember, No Shave November.  You may have heard a few guys with patchy, scraggly peach fuzz try to justify their general un-kept look in November by using these terms.  No Shave November or Movember (combining the words mustache and November) is a relatively new social phenomenon with good intentions and mostly good results, minus the appearance of dead caterpillar-like mustaches trying to be passed off as “cool”.  The basis of Movember is to raise prostate cancer awareness by men growing out their facial hair to show support of the cause and donating what they would usually pay in facial hair grooming costs for the month of November to a prostate cancer charity.  Many people choose to participate regardless of donations, but if you can, take a moment to donate to a prostate cancer charity of your choosing to support a very worthwhile cause (a brief google search will bring up lot’s of charities that are involved in the month of November).

Now, you have decided to try your luck at growing a beard, let’s talk some essential oils that can help keep your beard in top shape.  Whenever using essential oils in your beard, the key is to start small (1 or 2 drops) and work up from there.  Also be sure to use a carrier oil to dilute the oil, giving your beard a great shine while keeping the scent subtle.  Try carrier oils such as jojoba, sweet almond, or a light coconut. Jojoba and sweet almond coconut oil will give your beard a great natural shine while coconut oil can actually be used as a weak styler for those long, bristly, unmanageable beards.   Try these amazing blends and see what works for you!

Fresh and Clean Feel:  For a fresh and clean feel, try oils like wintergreen and tea tree.  Massaging these oils in your beard is a great way to start your day and gives you a feeling of freshness and renewal.

Woodsman:  Whats more manly than a beard? A beard that has a tinge of wood smell. Try cedarwood or spruce to give your beard a dark, musky appeal.

Smooth and Cool: For a more sleek and sophisticate feel, try the subtle approach of Lavender or Bergamot. These oils will give your beard a wonderful shine and add a more natural, subtle approach to your beard presentation.


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