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As the official blog for Life Science Publishers and Products, we are excited to announce SIX new titles that will be debuting at the Young Living Grand Convention 2016 starting on June 22 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Much of the information and recipes that is shared on Daily Life Science comes from publications produced by Life Science Publishers. These new publications contain the most up to date information and recipes on essential oil usage. With you in mind, we created four volumes of the Aroma Series: 

 Aroma Woman, Aroma Baby, Aroma Family, and Aroma Clean

We hope with each topic you find unparalleled information on how to use essential oils in every aspect of your life. We have also produced two additional volumes:

 Daily Life Essentials and Welcome to Essential Oils

These two wonderful books contain tips and recipes on what essential oils can do for you.

Over the next six days, Daily Life Science will showcase one new volume a day with samples of exclusive new recipes from each title. Check back tomorrow to learn more about Aroma Woman! We are very excited to offer these new books and hope you in turn enjoy the valuable information found in each volume!

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