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Fall and winter are accompanied with colds and flu that bring about drippy noses, scratchy throats, and discomforts. However, by use of some natural homemade remedies, one can help alleviate the symptoms related to the illness for relief. Below are some natural and holistic remedies for flu and cold symptoms.

Dietary remedies


If you have a continuous hacking cough, try some honey. For several years, the Chinese have applied it to help with coughs. Just squeeze some lemon juice in a cup of hot water mixed with honey. Honey serves as an expectorant that facilitates the flow of mucus.


The lemon’s acidic properties help to remove bacteria from the mucous membranes. Lemon oil has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. The oil also acts as an expectorant. The best way to apply this homemade remedy is to put a sliced lemon with its skin into a boiling a cup of water and as it steep in, inhale the steam.


Flu can leave you dehydrated; consuming beef or chicken broth will not only keep you hydrated, it will give you the nutrients you need. The soup will also aid in liquefying mucus secretions.

Vitamins and minerals

Studies have indicated that some minerals and vitamins found in some food have the valuable properties for preventing and easing flu and cold symptoms. Foods such as guava, leafy vegetables, and citrus fruits among others are rich in vitamin C that has antiviral properties to prevent flu and cold. Mineral traces such as those of zinc assist in preventing virus increase and stop them from entering our body through the nasal passage.

Natural remedies

Hydrotherapy with bath bombs

Hydrotherapy is an approach that uses water, and for the case of flu and colds, it is in the form of a hot bath. It improves blood circulation resulting in a better flow of immune-boosting white cells. It also assists in lessening respiratory symptoms like nasal and chest congestion.

The bath bomb is a fizzing ball used in the bath, and the active ingredients are sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid. It can also be added ingredients like moisturizers, salts, and essential oils. The baking soda helps to fight the flu symptom as it drains the lymphatic system eliminating toxins from the body and in turn strengthens the immune system. Epsom salts are an excellent remedy for the achy muscles and sores that usually accompany flu. To ease the flu symptoms add a blend of ginger, tea tree, and lavender oils. The tea tree is an antiviral and it reduces nasal and chest congestion. Lavender is a natural central nervous system sedative that relaxes the mind and muscles.

Herbal remedies


As soon as they appear, Echinacea is the best treatment to help the body fight with the flu and cold symptoms. It should be taken at the first onset and in large doses to be most efficient and effective. It acts as a strong immune stimulant as it stimulates white blood cells to destroy the attacking microbes. In addition, echinacea is a perfect remedy for a sore, swollen throat.   


Sometimes referred to as nature’s antibiotic, this herb has been used for several years in China. It fights off pathogens and builds up the immune system in the body. You need to take it on a daily basis to boost the immune system or at the incipience of flu or cold symptoms to reduce the symptoms and its duration.

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